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Vintage Logos the first years; Drum show photos, catalogs and more

- February 27, 2019

Vintage Logos the first years in business,
drum show photos, catalogs and more!

Vintage Drum Heads - VintageLogos

In 1997 I started Vintage Logos in my parents basement with $50 and an idea. At the time I was really into the music scene and had just bought a 1960s Rogers drum kit. It looked and sounded sweet but something was missing. I wanted the kit to have a vintage look, just like the drumheads used by Buddy Rich and Gene Krupa. So I made a custom Bass Drum Shield Logo for myself and a friend. His friend saw it on his drum kit and was like “How can I buy one?” I had found my product and it was cool!

Drum Show Photos - VintageLogos

The photos above are from vintage drum shows we attended. Vintage Logos criss crossed the country for a few years doing trade shows and selling to vintage drum collectors. We went to Los Angeles, Boston, Pennsylvania, Chicago, Nashville, Ohio and Kentucky. Some of these places 3 or 4 times. Vintage drums were big and we were the place to get bass drum logos.

Original photos used for the Application Instruction Sheet

Bass Drum Logo Application

Before the internet we did mail order.
This ad was placed in popular drum magazines

VintageLogos Vintage Drum Catalog

Our very first custom printed drum head & banner.
Circa 2000
Train drum head

In 2001 we were the first company to specialize in full color printed drumheads that you could actually order online. At that time we offered stock designs and allowed customers to send artwork for a total custom drumhead.

Over the years we have done work for Cheap Trick, Dead & Company, Tesla, Big & Rich, The Brian Setzer Orchestra and thousands of working drummers from all over the world. We have shipped to some obscure places too like Iceland, Tahiti and Kazakhstan. The internet has really made the world a smaller place but also allows all drummers and musicians to buy a quality American Made product.

Bass Drum Shield logos