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Vintage Logos
Custom Drum Heads, Stage Graphics & Band Merch
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Design Services – Brand Your Band

Simple Production

Your images can be retouched giving them a crisp and clean Look. They will look better than the originals.

Advanced Design

We will develop a unique image for you by combing your existing photos, logos and graphics.

Premium Design

Starting with a blank canvas, we work with you to arrive at that unique solution that captures your image.

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Brand Your Band

Our designers will take your ideas and create a custom look with your style. We offer a variety of professional design and production services. Work with the pros and create a great stage experience!

  • Define Your Music – Make Your Stage Presence Rock
  • Set Yourself Apart – Stand Out from the Sameness
  • Be Bold – Take Your Image to the Next Level
  • Brand Your Band – Consistent Audience Connection
  • Work With The Pros – One-on-One Service
  • Reliable Turnaround – Design Services in 3-5 Days, + product production time

Everything We Design Is Driven By You

We help bands become more visible with cool unique graphics printed onto custom-made band promotion products. Your musical group has a unique personality that is reflected by the band members and their performance. Our focus is to help you visually communicate this with your audience and fans.

Case Study - Horror59

The band wanted a custom drumhead but only had album cover artwork and nothing else. We photoshopped the red text out of the image. Illustrated a chin for the monster. Added a wooded step and extra blood. This allowed the image to bleed off into the hoop of the head. The final art was made into a 22” Printed Drumhead. We also made Grille Cloth for the band’s amps & speaker cabinets and a 10’ x 12’ Backdrop. Now the band has a great stage presence!

Case Study - Carver Middle School

Carver was in need of new drumheads and contacted us about getting heads designed with their mascot. The file we received was a low-resolution file, very pixilated. Our team redrew the mascot into a crisp and clean logo. We then worked up a few rounds of proofs. A design was chosen by the students and staff. The final artwork was made into 8 custom Marching Drumheads in 18” 20” 22” and 24” sizes. The band now had a branded look!

It’s Your Music And The Visual Experience

Our team has been on stage, behind the stage, and setting the stage for decades. We’ve been there. We know exactly what it takes to create a killer look for your band. We’re dedicated to helping musicians and artists stand out in the sea of mediocrity. Be bold. Stand out from the sameness.

Work with the Pros

Our design staff will take your ideas and create custom artwork with your style. Before contacting us try and figure out what colors, text, images, and graphics you want for your band’s image and what products you wish to have made including their sizes and shapes. This will help speed up the design time and get your artwork and products made quickly.


Band branding is critical to your identity. With so much competition in the music business, branding plays a key role in positioning your band for success. We can help build a consistent look for your band.

Logo Design

Our talented and experienced staff is ready to create a logo that will showcase your band’s sound and character. We will provide a selection of logo choices where you can suggest changes and revisions.

Logo & Artwork Cleanup

Do you have an existing logo that you would like to use? We can create a smooth, crisp and clean looking logo utilizing your existing artwork, scan, or tight sketch.

Photo Retouching

Are there issues with your photos and images? We can fix these by cleaning up scratches and dirt, getting rid of red-eye, correcting color, deleting objects, cropping out details, adding backgrounds and more.

Logo & Graphic Combinations

We can incorporate logos and graphics together. This type of design offers a memorable image that tells the story of who you are and what kind of music you play.


Our Illustration staff can create eye-catching digital and hand drawn illustrations. We can provide original artwork that ranges from line art to photo-realistic renderings and more.

Visual Products With Your Artwork

Once your artwork is finished it can be made into any of our Custom Products; This includes Custom Drumheads, Backdrops, Stage Scrims, MarchingHeads, Drum Decals, Stickers, Speaker Grill Cloth for your guitar amps and more. Let us create a total customized look for your entire band.

  • Let us create a total customized look for your entire band
  • Work one-on-one with a designer and our production team
  • We are master craftsmen that love to create custom works

Our Pricing

Design is based on an hourly rate plus the cost of each product produced. For an accurate quote figure out what products, sizes, colors, text and images you need. We will then send you a written quote for your approval.

  • Let us create a total customized look for your entire band
  • Work one-on-one with a designer and our production team
  • We are master craftsmen that love to create custom works

Design Turnaround Times

Services times are only for design and do not include products production times.

  • Simple Production – 3 to 5 business days for first set of proofs (M-F)
  • Advanced Design – 4 to 6 business days for first set of proofs ( M-F)
  • Premium Design – 5 to 7 business days for first set of proofs (M-F)


Rush services are not available for our design services.

Rights & Usage Information

Before you start your design project with Vintage Logos Inc., there is some important fine print. This includes Payment, Design Changes, Expenses, Cancellation, Ownership of Artwork, Code of Fair Practice and Acceptance of Terms. Learn More Here.