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Vintage Logos
Custom Drum Heads, Stage Graphics & Band Merch
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Design Services Contract

Before starting your project please read our design services contract about payment, design changes, expenses, ownership of artwork, cancellation and services offered.


Graphic Communications Industry Code of Fair Practice

Our company and Design Team follows this Code. The intention of the Code is to define an ethical standard for business practice in the graphic communications industry and uphold the existing laws and traditions.

How to Contract our Design Services

Start by getting a quote. We will then evaluate your project and e-mail you back pricing for the design time, custom product(s), shipping rates and estimated delivery date.

Payment, Design Changes, Artwork Files, Usage, Rights, Cancellation

Any Design Services you contract through us must be paid in full before we will start your job. This does not include the Custom Product manufacture cost. Custom products can be paid for at the time of the production.

The amount of changes or additions you can make will be will be noted in the written quote. All changes or additions not due to the fault of Vintage Logos should be billed to the customer as an additional and separate charge.

Vintage Logos Inc. retains all artwork files. The cost will be an additional $100.00 to $350.00 if you wish to have a copy of the art files suitable for manipulation in high-quality print reproduction on band promotional materials such as CD artwork, t-shirts, flyers, website, etc.

In the event of a cancellation, ownership of all copyrights and the original artwork created by us shall be retained by Vintage Logos Inc.. Any of your original artwork will be returned to you. If we have not made your Custom Products, you will not be charged for them or the shipping cost.

There is no refund for Contracted Design Services.

If we decide to use and pay for stock images, there may be an additional cost to your job. We will first discuss the options before making any purchases.

We will not sell your design ideas, graphics or logos to others.

Digital files of our Shield Style Logo products are NOT for sale no matter if it is has been totally customized.

We handle your originals with the utmost care possible. However we assume no responsibility for any loss or damage of any original artwork, film, negative, transfer media or loss of electronic files.

We keep all your images on file for up to 10 years.

Working with a Designer

The following are the Design Services we offer:

Simple Production: Your images can be retouched giving them a crisp and clean Look. They will look better then the originals.

Advanced Design: We will develop a unique image for you by combing your existing photos, logos and graphics.

Premium Design: Starting with a blank canvas, we work with you to arrive at that unique solution that captures your image.

Graphic Design: We can custom design logos and graphics.

Digital Photo Retouching: We can clean up scratches, dirt, get rid of red-eye, color correct, delete people and objects, include people from other photos, lighten/darken photos, rotate, adjust contrast, crop out details, add backgrounds and more.

Scanning: We can scan your original flat art; photos, CD Covers, drawings, logos, etc.:

  • Flat art – up to 8″ x 11″
  • Flat art – 12″ or more up to 36″ x 48″ – additional cost
  • Slides and Transparencies – additional cost

Logo Cleanup: We can create a smooth, crisp and clean looking logo utilizing your existing logo, scan, tight sketch.

Logo & Graphic Combinations: We can incorporate any of your logos and graphics together OR combine them with stockphotos or images in our catalog.

Branding: We can do a total makeover of your bands visual communications and provide a well thought out plan.

Illustration: We provide illustration services and can work in many media’s. This is a premium service.