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Vintage Logos
Custom Drum Heads, Stage Graphics & Band Merch
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Our Story

Vintage Logos Inc. produces Custom Drum Heads, Stage Graphics and Band Merch for musical groups all over the world. Our goal is to get your style and image out in front of your audience. We offer a variety of cool products to make your band look and sound totally professional!

We have been in the music entertainment industry for over 27 years. Attention to quality is the foundation of everything we do, from our customer service to details in production, packaging & delivery, up until your new promotion products are visually communicating to your audience.

We understand that more than just making your band look great, you’re trying to communicate a memorable message through your music, your style and most of all your image. Our products provide memorable images for guitarists, drummers and musical groups. Simply… we ROCK at getting you and your band noticed and remembered!

Thanks for your business,

Vintage Logos Inc.