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Band Backdrops – Large Concert Backdrops

Bigger is Better

You have one change to make a big impression. Get your audiences full attention with power Theater, Arena and stadium size Band Backdrops. This is a grate way to visually promote your band in the largest way possible. Be Bold and Rock On!

  • Design Online – Try our Banner Designer
  • Stock Photos Available – Millions of Images
  • Big Stage Graphics – Any Size you Need
  • Weather Resistant – Perfect For Any Event
  • Fire Rated Materials – We Keep You Safe
  • Quick Delivery5 to 7 Business Days, plus additional Shipping Time to your location.
    Fabric Backdrops 7 to 10 Business Days.

You're The Designer

We provide you with the tools to design your own custom band backdrops. Our online Backdrop Designer App is easy to use, has many features and runs directly from your web browser. Setup Help service is also available if you prefer that to using our Designer Apps. For help Contact Us.

Try Our Online Designer App

Start designing by choosing a backdrop size. Select your background color. Use your photos, logos, and graphics. Type text, add shapes and more. Save your designs to our server and reorder at any time. Our online Backdrop Builder ROCKS and so will you!

Preparing Artwork For Print

Check out Artwork Help for specific instructions on how to create and save your digital files. This info will help you produce great-quality custom artwork. TIPS, TRICKS, RESOURCES AND MORE…

Photos, Images & Clip Art

We offer thousands of free images and clipart that can be incorporated into your designs. You also have access to millions of high-resolution stock photos for an additional cost. You can easily upload your own images too.

Design Services Available

Our in-house design staff will work with you to develop the perfect design or custom graphic image for your band backdrops. Work with a designer to brand your band and look great on stage!

Band Backdrops

Large Concert Backdrops
For maximum exposure advertise your band with concert backdrops. They are printed in full color with a photo-realistic quality onto weather resistant materials. Using our welding technology, we can custom make backdrops any size you need. We offer many finishing options, making it easy to rig and display your band Backdrops. They are quality constructed and built to last. All materials are flame retardant and meet fire resistance standards. Having big graphics on stage is very impressive!

  • The finishing touch to your stage presence
  • Great for concerts, festivals and touring bands
  • Used by professional bands and music groups
  • Printed with innovative technology

What Size Do You Need?

We can custom make any size you need. When deciding on a size make sure to double check the width and height of the stage(s) you will be playing. If touring, you may want to call each venue to figure out the average stage size and then design your backdrop to fit all the stages. Check out these size examples of all our Banners, Stage Scrims, and Backdrop products.

      • Small Bars & Clubs: 6’x6’, 6’x8’, 8’x8’ and 8’x10’’
      • Medium Size Clubs & Outdoor Events: 8’x10’, 10’x10’, 10’x15’, 12’x15’ and 12’x20’.
      • Large Indoor Venues & Music Festivals: 15’x20’, 15‘x30’, 20’x20’, 20’x25’, 20’x30’, 20×40’ and even larger!

Quality Materials

The following materials are the best choices for making a backdrop. We only use high-quality flame retardant medias made for touring and gigging bands. Looking for a specific material? Contact Us

Solid Vinyl - 13oz

This strong PVC banner material is great for indoor and outdoor backdrops. Designed for high-quality vivid color printing. Fade and tear resistant with a long-term durability at an affordable price. We recommend solid vinyl for small to medium club stages, table banners and signage.

  • Popular choice for banners & small backdrops
  • Store rolled or it will crease
  • Affordable with great vivid color

Mesh Vinyl - 8oz

The mesh has thousands of small holes that allow the most sound and wind to travel through with a moderately transparent look. Our 70/30 weave is ideal for viewing at a further distance with superior image quality. It is very rugged and can be used in all kinds of heavy weather. A majority of the large graphics we produce are made with Mesh Vinyl. In fact, most bands use this material because it’s the most rugged, versatile and economical. It is also easier to care for than Solid Vinyl.

  • Allows sound and wind to pass through
  • Moderately transparent look
  • Most versatile and economical media choice

Poly Fabric - 5oz

This lightweight fabric allows some sound to travel through while looking great. The color really POPS because the inks are not printed on top but embedded into the fabric with our Dye-Sublimation process. Machine washable and iron safe. The fabric can be folded down making it highly portable and wrinkle resistant. Fabric will give your band an extremely attractive and impressive look.

  • Allows some sound to pass through
  • Moderately opaque look – Colors really pop
  • Can be folded down to a compact size

Finishing & Display Options

There are several ways to rig and display your Banners and Backdrops. Before making a purchase try and figure out which finishing option’s you need, as these are very important for your stage setup. Many venues have professional rigging equipment already installed which allows you to easily hang your displays. They might have Dead Hung rigging, pipe grids, counterweight and motorized systems. For some shows you will need to bring your own Pipe and Drape systems or custom made stands. You could also attach your Banners & Backdrops to stationary objects and walls.

Hemmed - Included for FREE

Edges are folded over and are either sewn or heat-welded together. This provides a finished look and gives it added strength. Banners, Stage Scrims and Backdrops come with this FREE option unless specified.

Grommets - Included for FREE

The most versatile way to hang a banner is to fasten grommets into the hem. The grommets allow you to use rope, hooks, bungee cord and cable tie with your rigging. They are punched every 2-3 feet into the top and bottom or you cab let us know where you want them custom placed by sending us notes in the Designer App. Grommets are included for FREE.

Pole Pockets

Finishing with Pole Pockets allows for a poll to be inserted into the banner along the top and bottom edges for horizontal hanging. This option can be used with Pipe & Drape Systems, Stage Scrim Stands or any venue which has a Top Crossbar. Pole Pockets create a more even distribution of weight which helps minimize sagging. A weighted bar can also be inserted into the bottom pocket making the banner hang more flat and taut. This will give you a more professional appearance.   More Info

Reinforced Webbing

A cross-stitched nylon strip is heat welded or sewn inside of the hem. Webbing is added for maximum strength and extra durability. This type of reinforcement greatly reduces the risk of the grommets tearing out in wind or from the sheet weight of the banner or backdrop. We suggest this option for banners over 60 sq ft and all backdrops.

Additional Finishing & Display Options

These options are available but not listed in our Banner Builder. If you would like one of these or another specific option please Contact Us

Tear-Away Backdrops - For the Opening Act

Our Tear-Away feature allows the opening act’s backdrop to be pulled down without the need for an expensive electronic drop system. The backdrop is held in place at the top with velcro which can be removed quick and easy at the end of the band’s set. For more info Contact Us


We can sew 1/4” rope into the top and bottom hem of the banner. We normally install 2′ of slack on both ends. You can use the ropes to easily hang your banner. We also normally install Grommets for extra strength unless specified.

O-Rings and D-Rings

We will install these rings into all four corners of your banner. This is another finishing option used for suspending a banner across a roadway or between two poles which help keep your banner straight.


You can use velcro mounting to attach your banner directly to a flat surface. This is great for long-term and short-term use. It allows for quick setup and easy removal. We can send strips of velcro or it can also be directly sewn to a banner itself.

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Delivery To Your Door

Delivery is based on our Turnaround Time plus the Shipping Service chosen. See map below for estimated shipping days.

Turnaround Time - Band Backdrops

  • Mesh Backdrops take 5 to 7 business days to produce (M-F)
  • Fabric Backdrops take 7 to 10 business days to produce (M-F)
  • When using our Design Services add 3 to 5 additional days (M-F)

Ground Shipping Services

  • See map below for estimated shipping days
  • FedEx Home Delivery (M-Sat)
  • FedEx Ground, all business locations (M-F)
  • USPS Priority Mail (2-3 days)
  • Professionally packed to ensure protection while in transit

RUSH Shipping Services

  • For the fastest service Contact Us
  • We charge a Rush production fee
  • FedEx Express Overnight, FedEx 2Day
  • USPS Express

International Shipping

  • Shipping times will vary from country to country
  • For faster service choose USPS Express or FedEx
  • You maybe responsible for additional taxes & duties
Fedex Delivery Chart Fedex Delivery Map