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This frequently asked questions page has answers about printed bass drum heads, stage graphics and more. You can also use the Search Tool at the top of the page to find additional answers that are listed throughout our website too.


If you are unsure of the size, measure from the inside of the hoop to the inside of the hoops. You should get an even number. Or take the hoop off the drum and measure the shell from edge-to-edge to get an accurate measurement. Double Check Your Order!

Some drums do not always take a bass drumhead. For example, the YAHAMA Hip-gig kits require a tom-tom head. We offer these head. Make sure you choose the correct type.

Maybe. Contact us with the drumhead you are thinking about using and we will let you know if it is possible and if we can also custom order one.

Most of the drumheads in the Gallery have been produced for previous customers. Those heads cannot be produced due to copyright restrictions. There are a few in the Gallery that can be produced and we try and note them as reproducible. Contact us for more info.

Yes. If you need a drum port in your drumhead we can install; Simple Port Holes, Port Rings, Hole Reinforcers and KickPorts. We can add as many ports as you wish.

Our online Designer Apps have a list of drum manufacture logos which can be colorized, resized and placed anywhere on your drumhead; As long as you are playing and using that drum brand. You can also contact if you need something we don’t have listed on the website.

Printed Bass Drum Heads

We do not print ink directly to the drumhead surface. We also do not hand apply sticker decals which will come off overtime.

Our Process:

Our drumheads look and sound incredible! You get a Glossy Finish drumhead printed with rich black inks and vivid colors. They have a deep punchy sound with Better Tone and More Boom! No additional muffling is needed.

We start by printing to a special glossy film. It is then machine pressed with hundreds of pounds of pressure to the entire drumhead surface. The images go edge-to-edge into the hoop. It is then heat sealed on the edge. Because we use a film process, we are able to print super dark rich black inks with brighter and more vivid colors. Our print quality looks excellent. We have made tens of thousands of heads this way. Overtime our process has gotten super thin with no additional second layer. This gives our drumheads a similar sound to heads that are manufactured with internal overtone rings. These rings dampen high frequencies and give the drum better tone. With our Marchingheads product line we do add an additional layer for playability and weather protection.

Flatbed Printing:

These printed bass drum heads have a flat no gloss finish. The black inks are not super black. Colors look more washed out too. The ink also has a textured look so you don’t get that super detailed print you get with our process. We have tested more than a dozen of these printers over the past few years. The heads we made were also put into real live playing situations. Here is more of what we learned:

UV-curred inks are brittle and translucent, so the ink must be put on thick. As you play your drum air moves the resonant head but the inks are not super flexible, so over time it cracks and flakes off. If you cut a drum port, it could chip on the edge. UV-cured inks tend to have a bubbly textured washed-out look. Black color inks appear to look dull and faded when compared to our process. Also drumheads are not completely flat. They have a slight curve to them. UV-cured inks need to be printed to a completely flat surface or you will get banding. This effect looks as if the printer forgot to print part of the image or may appear blurry. You will notice this much more with custom Evans bass drum heads that have printed on a flatbed. Ink printed directly onto drumheads does not make it sound any better because UV-cured inks are not made to flex, so the ink is not moving with the drumhead but against it as it is played. Flexible inks are getting better overtime.

Sticker Decals:

We do make sticker decals that you can apply yourself to your own bass drumhead. This is a cheaper product but they do lack over all quality when compared to our VividHeads process. We start with a completely different media that has a gray backer. Because its gray, our sticker decal will cover over any logos currently printed to the drumhead surface. This material also allows you to overlay the decal graphic to any smooth bass drumhead. These drum decals only cover the face surface, it does not go into the hoop because that would make the application way more difficult. The decals will muffle the bass drum more because the decal has an additional top coat layer which allows you to handle the graphic easier for application. Our VividHeads don’t have this layer. These Sticker decals can be applied by hand because the material has a special air release feature. Just follow the instruction.

No because we print Rich Black Inks, which are made by adding all the colors to the black print channel. This gives the black a super dark look. We also now have a special gray ink which makes B&W prints look even more impressive.

Our digital printer can print millions of colors. You are technically not limited to the number of colors you can use in your design, although some very bright colors and fluorescents are impossible to achieve.

With our printed process, images will not chip or flake off.  Our MarchingHeads have an additional top coat layer which protects the image from scratching and also makes it weather resistant.

The smallest size head we currently make is a 14″. These heads are for the resonant side of a bass drum and also available for Marching Drum Heads. You cannot play on these heads with wooden sticks. We have tom-tom heads and bass drumheads in 14″, 16″ and 18″

No. We only use the drum heads we stock. We can custom order some heads for our process.

It depends. In order to color match we will need a color swatch to match the color. Some colors may not be matchable no matter if we have a swatch. This is because some colors are custom mixed and the only way to achieve those colors is with special spot color inks or paints. Our equipment uses 8 color inks which are layered to achieve millions of colors. We cannot print spot colors but it is possible to get close. We cannot reprint drumheads because its not an exact match. If it has to match we suggest asking for a printed color sample prior to printing.

We cannot use these drumheads because Regulator heads have a thick muffling ring on the inside of the head. When we apply the graphics to the drumheads, we use a machine press that puts hundreds of pounds of pressure to adhere the graphic. Our machine will damage the drumhead in the process.

If your looking for a custom Evans drum head, look no further. Inked By Evans takes 3 to 4 weeks to deliver. We make printed Evans drum heads in days. They only give you one option for a bass drum port. We give you every option available and it can be custom placed where you wish. We use a higher ppi print quality and our colors are more vivid and colorful. You can really see the fine detailed difference. Plus our black color is richer and darker too. Our Evans custom drum heads are top quality!

We can also make Remo custom drum heads in days. Remo takes 3 to 7 weeks to produce their heads. You have to go directly through a dealer who knows nothing about digital files and graphics. If there is an issue with your file, the music store sale person is going to be explaining the issue to you. They might know drums but they are not digital file experts like us. Plus you want your drum head quickly! Try Vintage Logos for your next custom Remo bass drum head.

Aquarian does not make custom printed drum heads. But we make them using our process and they are the best in the industry! For over 20 years Vintage Logos has made custom Aquarian bass drum heads for drummers and bands world wide.

No, the images are permanent and cannot be removed without causing damage to the entire drumhead.

Your Printed Drumhead will last longer with some effort and care. We suggest you keep the shipping box and use it store your drumhead and to protect it when not in use. Do not store the drumhead in extreme heat or light. To cleaning your drumhead, use a small drop of dish soap with warm water and a cotton towel. Do not clean with paper products because they could cause surface scratches. Also, you should not use a brush or power washer or other any heavy duty cleaning products. Following these tips will prolong the life of your drumhead.

VividSkins - Bass Drum Head Decals

VividSkins will only adhere to smooth or gloss drumheads. They will not adhere to textured coated, calf skin, simulated calf skin heads or other nonsmooth drumheads.

VividSkins are printed onto a static cling plastic and are easy to apply. You have to use water or window cleaner in order to apply it. We will send you a visual instruction sheet with the order. The VividSkin applies in 5 minutes. The skins are a static like sticker but there is no sticky adhesive. You may need to reapply the skin every so often to make sure it continues to stick.

Your Removable Drum Decals will last longer with some effort and care. We suggest you keep the backing sheet that the product comes on and place the skin back onto the sheet when not in use. Do not store the skin in extreme heat or light. To clean your skin, use a few drops of dish soap with warm water and a cotton towel. Do not clean with paper products because they could cause surface scratches. Also, you should not use a brush or power washer or other any heavy duty cleaning products. Following these tips will prolong the life of your skin.

We cannot cut a mic hole into a VividSkins and then expect it to line up exactly with your drum port. You would need to apply the skin first and let it dry. Then turn it over and use a new x-acto knife blade to cut the hole out. You can follow the existing hole as your template. When you remove the skin you will be able to reapply it and have it line up with your mic hole with no issue.

Removable Drum Decals are skins for temporary use and can be removed without damage to the drumhead surface. Permanent Drum Decals are made to be permanent and you may damage the drumhead removing the decal.

Banners, Backdrops & Stage Scrims

  • Small bars and clubs: 6′ tall x 8′ wide
  • Larger clubs and small theaters: 8′ tall x 10 wide’
  • Concert halls and outdoor venues: 10′ tall x 12′ wide
  • Large Concert Halls, Stadiums and Arenas: 12′ tall x 20′ wide backdrops and 20′ tall x 40′ wide backdrops.
  • Remember Bigger is always better looking! (As long as you have the space for your banner)

Yes. All of our digitally printed banners and backdrops are fire retardant and we can provide certificates.

Your banner will last longer with some effort and care. We suggest you keep the shipping box and use it store your banner and to protect it when not in use. Always roll the banner up with the print facing out when storing in storage. Never fold the banner. Do not store the banner in extreme heat or light.

To clean your banner, use a few drops of dish soap with warm water and a cotton towel. Do not clean with paper products because they could scratch. Also, you should not use a brush or power washer or other any heavy duty cleaning products. Following these tips will prolong the life of your banner or backdrop.

If the banner is wrinkled, try adding some low heat with a hair dryer or put a towel on top and iron it with low heat. Also rolling it flat or having tension on the banner while it hangs are your best solutions.

Poly Fabric is machine washable and iron safe. You can also fold it down to a compact size. This material can be used outdoors but with the weather and direct sunlight, you may need to replace it every 6 months. If you use it indoors only, it will last many years.

Vintage Logos - Style & Quality

Vintage Logos has been in business for over 20 years. We are a small family owned business that makes products for drummers, bands and musical groups all over the world. We got our start in a basement of a house making Vintage Shield Crest Logos. These logos were modeled after the famous drummer of the 20th century, Buddy Rich and Gene Krupa. We still make this product along with Custom Printed Drum Heads, Banners, Backdrops, Stage Scrims, Speaker Grill Cloth, Stickers and Band Merch. It’s a given that attention to quality is the foundation of everything we do; from our customer service, to details in production, packaging & delivery, until your new drumhead or banner is visually communicating to your audience.

We offer premium quality custom made products. We give you the highest quality products, better service and more info for the greatest value.

If you grant us permission we can post your photos. We encourage you to take photos of you and your band using our products. We really like Action pics!

We also have a Facebook page where you can post photos, videos and write testimonials. Feel free to link them to your band’s website or Facebook page.

Of course we do. We have done work for many famous people and bands including; Morgan Rose of Sevendust, Scott Underwood of Train, Roger Taylor of Duran Duran, Joey Warniker of REM, Bernie Dresel of The Brian Setzer Orchestra, and more. We produce high-quality products for anyone looking for professional results.

Yes we play the drums! This is what makes Vintage Logos different because we speak drums, we speak graphic design and we speak printing. We are aware of most drum brands and have a vast knowledge of vintage drum kits too. We can answer most questions and come up with unique solutions.

About My Order

We offer a 90-day limited warranty that covers defects in the materials and craftsmanship. Technically most of our products will last many years when taken care of properly. If there is an issue within the warranty time please contact us. This does not cover drumheads that are broken by playing directly on them.

Products which are custom made for you cannot be exchanged or returned. Double Check Your Order!

If you made a mistake when you ordered, we will offer you a discount to replacement it. Contact us for more info.

We will offer you a discount on a replacement if you made a mistake during the application. Contact us for more info.

Turnaround Time & Delivery

Each product has a specific turn around time. Some products take a few days and others take more time. If you go to the product page, you can read about how many production days and the number of delivery days it will take to get your product.

Yes we do but we do charge additional fees to get your job made and shipped out faster. Contact us for more info.

Yes, we do. You can either place an order online and we will email you back shipping rates or you can contact us first and we will email you back a quote.


Thanks for your interest in Vintage Logos Inc. We have various levels of endorsement discounts which depend on many factors; the popularity of the band you’re in, your playing ability, etc. For endorsement consideration, send a promotional package to the following address:

Vintage Logos Inc.
Endorsements Dept.
3720 Lonsdale St.
Cincinnati, OH, 45227

Your promo package should include a bio, photos, CD, videos and articles written about the band, etc. No endorsement phone calls, please!