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Photo Resources

Here are a few good resources for photos, images and graphics to use in your design. Remember to always download the largest size digital files when possible. This way your design will look great.

Builder App

Public Domain Stock

These images are in the public domain and are free to use but make sure you double check the copyright info before using.

Creative Commons Images

Many of these images can be used to create your artwork. Keep in mind that if you are using the image to promote your band, double check the copyright info before using and ONLY use license types: Attribution, Attribution-ShareAlike, No Copyright.

Hire A Professional To Create Your Images

Pay someone to create the images you need. Ask them to NOT use any stock photos or graphics and to design or photograph everything from scratch. Make sure you get in writing that you have full ownership and all rights to the images they produce.

Stock Photos, Images & Graphics

You can buy images from a stock photo website. Make sure you purchase the correct usage license. There should be a license information section on the website. It will have a lot of fine print explaining what you can and cannot do with the specific image. Keep in mind that you are advertising your band and many of these sites may NOT allow you to use Trade Names, Trademarks, Logos or Service marks on top of their images (a service mark could be your band’s name). This fine text can be hard to understand so we suggest you call the company and speak to a representative about the image you wish to purchase. This way you will NOT fall into the pit trap of copyright extortion.

  • – Has a large list of pay for stock photo resources. NOTE, this website scrolls left to right.
  • – They have over 100 million Royalty Free Stock Photos. This is a company we support!