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5 Unexpected Places To Play Shows

- October 30, 2018

places to play shows

As a performer, it’s important to keep things interesting. It could be changing how you look onstagehow you interact with the audience, or just changing your stage plotBut one way you can keep your fans engaged with your live performances is to change the venue. And there are plenty of new places to play shows that you may not have thought of.

So with that in mind, here are five unexpected venues where you can start playing concerts.

A House

House concerts are really catching on. More and more musicians realize they’re a great way to connect with their fans. It’s intimate. You can talk with every person there. You may not even need to deal with a sound system.

There are a couple ways to book a house concert: contact your friends or fans in different cities, or use a service like Concerts In Your Home or Sonicbids to book house shows.

There are a couple of things to consider before booking house concerts:

  • Consider the neighbors – don’t be too loud
  • Be cautious about giving out the address
  • Remember this “venue” is someone’s home

But if you do it right, a house concert can be super fun and super interactive.


Music and food may be the two best things in the world. No exaggeration there. So why not combine the two?

So contact your local restaurants to see if they’d host you as a solo act or you with your band.

Not only does it bring folks to the restaurant (good for the owners) but it can also get you in front of customers who may have never heard your name (good for you).

Your Local Record Store

This is a tradition with record stores. These establishments often host local artists, especially if their music is sold at the record store.

You can contact your local record store to talk about playing a show at their shop. This brings your fans out to the record shop, shows off the store’s taste in music, and gets your music in the ears of customers.

A Nonprofit

Is there a charitable organization or nonprofit you care about? Hit them up to see if you can do a fundraising event for them. You can find a neutral location, but it may be easier for you to hold the concert at their place of business – like a community garden, art gallery, or in front of their office.

This can be a great way to both support a cause you care about and play at a new and unique venue.

A Haunted House

In light of Halloween, we thought it would be fun to suggest playing a show at a haunted house. Now, your music has to fit the vibe, so if you’re a rock band, shoegazer, or death metal, this is perfect for you.

You can contact the people who run any popup haunted houses that are around for Halloween and see if you can play in or around the house. If you have a local haunted house that’s there year-round, that’s even better.

Need More Ideas?

Do you want some more ideas for creative places to play? Well, we put together a list of the different types of gigs you can play that many musicians don’t think of (they also pay well). 

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