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How To Build Connections With Fans

- October 3, 2018

Any performing artist knows that fans are one of the most important assets they can have. Without any fanbase, they’re just someone making noise to a big, empty room. So how do you build connections with fans?

The relationship an artist establishes with their fans is crucial. However, creating that relationship with fans can be a daunting and not-so-straightforward task.

Today we’ll be answering this question, giving you some insight into how to better connect with your fans and in turn, gain even more.

Showcase Your Personality

Fans love to get to know their favorite artist and find ways that they can personally relate to them. Therefore, use your social media or other promotional channels to give them a little taste of your life beyond the stage! With just some simple posts you can highlight your personality and show them what you love about life.

Publicly sharing details of personal life can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be a drastic step. It can be as simple as tagging a new favorite lunch spot while you’re on the road, or posting a link to your favorite new playlist. A little bit can go a long way!

Get Them Involved

Any relationship is a two-way street, and the relationship with your fans is no exception. Consequently, you need to make sure you’re not the only one doing the talking!

You can get your fans involved by posting polls and asking them questions. You can get their input on your latest project or even ask for ideas for upcoming projects!

Most importantly, try to keep up with responding to your fans as much as possible. When you’re busy or your fan-base has grown large it can be impossible to respond to everything, but still try to make an effort as best you can. Fans will appreciate this more than you think, knowing that they are more than just another voice in the crowd.

Don’t Only Sell To Them!

Finally, the most important point of all: don’t just sell stuff to them! It’s easy to get focused on promoting your newest merch item or selling tickets to your tour, but if that’s all fans ever get, they’re going to tune you out. You’ve got to offer something of interest to them beyond just demanding their money.

This can come in a number of ways, so just use your imagination. Maybe a free giveaway or a well-thought-out music recommendation? Whatever the case, the point is that you’re providing them with something of value that’s worth their time.


In the end, we see that it doesn’t take a lot to build connections with fans! Just a few simple steps can set you in the right direction in creating meaningful relationships with your fans.