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We Answer YOUR Biggest Questions!

- May 7, 2019

You ask. We Answer!

Welcome back VintageLogoers; It’s Aaron here and today I am going to answer some tricky frequently asked questions (FAQ) for you! Don’t worry- every question is a good question. I’m new to the team which means I am always asking the same questions. So lets learn a little 🙂

*If you’re looking for more in-depth questions check out our FAQ page here!*


Drumheads come in all different sizes- but usually one shape… a circle! One of the questions we get a lot is “how do I tell the size of my drum?”.  No, we’re not going to take you back to high school geometry; its simple, you’re going to take a tape measure and measure the shell of the drum head from edge-to-edge. You will get an even number and BAM! it’s that easy.

Another question we usually get- and I am using brand names for the sake of the example. But “I have a pearl drum set, can you put a pearl logo on my drumhead?”. It’s simple- you choose the brand of drum head you want, and with our online DIY designer you can choose the brand name logo you’d prefer an even place it where you would like it!


“Hey Aaron, I don’t really wanna replace my drumhead because I have one I like- but I wanna change it up for different gigs, do y’all have anything that I can apply and take off?”. Well sir, I have the perfect answer for you- of course! As long as you don’t have a textured or coated drumhead you can order one of our bass Drum Head Decals which you can do just that! Email us for a quote. Playing in two bands- using the same drum set? No problem!

Banners & Backdrops

A Band Banner or a Band Backdrop can change the reaction of your audience and promote you in ways unimaginable. But- what size should you get? Everyone has their own personal taste and style. Some like a small banner 6 foot by 8 foot to perform at bars or coffee shops, others need something bigger  10 foot by 12 foot for their concert hall performance. No matter what size you need to fill your space we have options for you! Need grommets to help hang it up from gig to gig? Easy. Need a pole pocket to help keep your banner weighed down? Duh. Check out our Size Charts on our website that shows you an average man next to different size banners we produce. This will help you get an idea of the size you might be looking for. 

Design Services & Quality

When you order from places like Shutterfly or Snap-fish- they print what you submit- they don’t care about quality or perfection. At Vintage Logos, we work hard to provide our clients with the best products you could ask for- we provide a professional review of your artwork and will diligently design and retouch images for the highest quality product.  We’re a small family-owned company that isn’t in the game to produce quantity- but rather produce the highest quality. If you’re not happy with your  drum head, or banner- which I am positive you will love, we will gladly take a call with you and fix the situation.

Well, I hope this helps you all understand a bit more about the products we sell at Vintage Logos and the pride and passion put into each project. We are happy to serve our wonderful customers and look forward to helping everyone brand their band. What are you waiting for? Design your custom drum head and your backdrop and let’s start taking your career to the next level!

See ya guys soon- Aaron!