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Drummers, Artists, and More!

- April 16, 2019

Who are we?

Vintage logos Inc. has been designing and producing custom drum heads since 1997. We provide trademark images for drummers, marching bands, and musical groups alike. We pride ourselves in excellent customer service, product knowledge, and top-notch quality products. For us this is not a job, but rather a passion. For years and years bands have struggled to set themselves apart from the hundreds of other musicians around the world. But little do some know we can make that process so much easier for them!

Our dedication to drummers.

How did we get started? Take a look at  Vintage Logos the First Years, our founder Shawn took $50 and a dream and has created this company that stands today! Now we offer more products than before and are getting ready to launch more! We pride ourselves in the excellent custom drum heads and banners we make; they’ve been featured on national television and at local marching parades all around. Our quality has been tried and tested and we are confident that not only will you love your designed drumhead, our quality will also last you from gig to gig.

More to look for. 

We’re so excited to announce some new products coming up soon! Just like our site now, you will have a DIY builder so YOU can be the designer! We are the only custom drumhead producer in which you can completely design your drumhead seamlessly on our website. How amazing is that?! We want to continue assisting drummers and artists to start their journey and branding themselves in every way that we can. That’s why we will continue to create the most quality products for our customers, because we know how hard it is to be in the music industry.

Our Mission

We strive to keep our customer in mind every step of the process. When you place your order on our website it’s sent directly to us. The same people who write these blog posts, design and produce your custom drum head. We are a team and a family that wants to continue working hard for our customers so that they can grow their brand as well as us growing ours! We appreciate all of you.