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What happens after I place my Drum Head order?

- June 19, 2019

Custom Drum Heads - Bandit Band

Have you ever wondered how your drumheads are getting made so quickly? Customers are blown away how fast our turnaround is (3-5 business days) In fact, our turnaround is so quick because we use a rotating schedule, to ensure if your job comes in on Thursday it goes out Monday. If your order comes in on Tuesday, it goes out on Friday. This proven organizational method ensures you will get your drum head order in a timely manner.   Here is how our process works.

First, you get on our website, you choose your brand and size of the drumhead, you upload your artwork and then go on to place mic holes and drum company logos. After that, you go and checkout through our secure woo commerce site. Once your order is placed it comes to us, Jen prints out your order and then it goes into a colored folder, so we know what day we need to ship. It then goes to our Prepress department where they look for mistakes, for example, your file might not be ready to print because your file is too low resolution or you place a mic hole and it might cut off some of your text, etc. We want your drumhead to look great, so that is why we might go back to you and let you know if something does not look correct.

From our prepress dept, it goes to our print department where your drumhead is printed on our large format printer! It is cool to watch your vision come to life! After the drumhead is printed it goes to our production employee, James. He then proceeds to line things up and produces your drumhead (this process is top secret, that is why I left out some of the details lol. ) After your drumhead is made it goes to our cutting Dept, where they add mic holes, port rings, and Kickports. We have mastered cutting a round hole into your drumhead! Don’t try at home or at your own risk.

Your drumhead is now complete. It now gets handed off to our shipping department where Jen prints out the shipping labels using our shipping software. Once the label is printed it is ready to ship. We check over the order to ensure we have everything correct! Quality control is so important. We want to make sure if you ordered 2 drumheads,  you get 2 drumheads.  If you ordered a chrome port ring, we want to make sure you get a chrome port ring. We want you to get what you ordered.


Your drumhead is then cleaned off to ensure there are no fingerprints, we add our VintageLogos sticker to the top, we bag it in a clear plastic bag to protect it from getting scratched, and then carefully wrap it in brown craft paper and put it into the box with extra packing to ensure a safe journey to your house or business.  We add your shipping label and put it into the pile for UPS to pick up! Our UPS guy comes everyday M-F at 5:00 est. His name is Dave and he is a hard worker!  Your drumhead is on the way. Rock on and thanks again for your order!

We also offer many other custom products on our website. We produce Custom speaker grille cloths, Banners, Backdrops and more! Check us out if you want a high-quality product in no time.


Jen and Shawn

VintageLogos Inc.