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Transform Your On-Stage Look with a Custom Amp Grill Cloth

- September 5, 2018

There is one thing we prioritize here at Vintage Logos, it’s helping bands to look their best on stage. When bands have a striking on-stage image, they make a far more powerful and memorable impression.  And a custom amp grill cloth can help do just that.

Previously on our blog, we discussed simple techniques for bands to implement to help improve their stage presence. This included building engagement with each other and with the audience, but also included paying attention to how each band member is dressed.

If the band members’ clothing choices are the first step, then the look of their instruments is the logical second step. In the past, we considered how to transform the appearance of a drum kit through a custom bass drum head. But what about something for the guitarists and bassists in the band?

Our Custom Amp Grill Cloth

This is where the Speaker Grill Cloth from Vintage Logos comes into play! A simple product with powerful potential, it transforms a generic guitar or bass cabinet into an eye-catching component of your stage show. What once before was just a black speaker is now a billboard with your band name, your album artwork… whatever you’d like!

Our custom amp grill cloth stands out from the competition for a few reasons. First off, the cloth is printed in full color with photo-realistic quality. Consequently, the design possibilities are basically limitless! You can easily create a design yourself using our free, online designer app. Alternately, you can work with our in-house designers to help create the perfect design you have in your head.

Second, the cloth is optimized for sound quality so that there is no loss of volume or change in tone. As we like to put it, this amp grill cloth is “acoustically transparent.” It is made of high-quality PVC mesh that is also flame retardant.

We have several installation options for the cloth, just dependent on whatever best suits your needs. Here they are:

  • Attached by Velcro to the existing cloth on your cabinet. This is damage-free and is the most popular option amongst our customers.
  • Draped over your cabinet and held in place at the top with your amp head. A great way to hide the whole cabinet.
  • Stapled directly into the cabinet for new cabinet builds.

The possibilities are limitless with these custom amp grill cloths! It may be a simple addition to your on-stage appearance but the effect can be revolutionary. Visit the Vintage Logos webstore to purchase your custom speaker grill cloth now!