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One Simple Way to Improve Your Marching Band

- August 28, 2018

If you were to think of a way to improve the appearance of your marching band, what comes to mind first: practicing better and tighter formations? Selecting new and improved uniforms? Is there even one simple way to improve your marching band?

What about improving the look of your band’s instruments? What if your instruments could create a powerful image that is specific to ONLY your marching band?

Let’s consider bass drum heads, for example. Usually, these are plain and generic, but if what we told you they’re actually a blank canvas – a canvas for you to feature your school’s name and mascot?

Improve Your Marching Band With MarchingHeads

Enter the MarchingHeads from Vintage Logos! These are bass drum heads that are fully customizable, allowing you to revolutionize the look of your marching band. Let’s explain…

First off, MarchingHeads help your band be identified better on the field since the school’s name and mascot is printed on each of the drum heads. This, in turn, helps increase the exposure and publicity of your marching band.

Additionally, MarchingHeads add a competitive edge to your band since they’ll have a unique look that won’t be matched by any other marching band.

These thoughts are reflected by Harold J. Fooster Jr, Assistant Band Director at the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff. Here’s what he said:

The … drum heads were great. We got a lot of compliments on their look and sound. When we performed at the Honda Battle of the Bands in Atlanta, GA in front of 65,000 fans, the drum heads were the talk of the event. People loved them and asked me about them.

If you’re looking for one simple way to improve the look of your marching band, we think this is it!

Some may wonder, however, are the MarchingHeads worth the cost? Our school has a limited budget and we can only afford to spend money on what really matters? The answer is that custom drum heads are an investment and they improve your marching band.

If funding is tight, consider raising support from parents, band boosters, or local businesses! Remember to tell them about the impact that MarchingHeads will have on your marching band and how it’s one easy way for them to improve their look on the field.