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March Along with a Marching Band

- May 15, 2019


I don’t want to sit here and explain to you why your marching band would benefit from custom designed and produced drum heads- but rather how you could transform your image with them! Welcome back friends- today we’re going to talk about MarchingHeads and how they will improve a band directors experience and drive teamwork!


Remember the days when you were a child and watched the local homecoming parade. The moment the marching band marches by, you can feel the intensity of the drums and the pride each musician takes in playing their instrument. Now as a band director- wouldn’t you want people to feel that drum beat and look up to see professionally designed drumheads?


When it comes to competition season- it’s all about the sound and look. It’s important to be in tune but also look like a unit. Being in a marching band requires strong teamwork.  The pride that comes from that team, deserves the best “jerseys” or drumheads, don’t you think? Every time your band presents themselves, the audience will appreciate the uniform and professional look!


Marching Bands dedicate much of their time and energy into their sound- that perfection should be coupled by visual products that give the band a great look too. Stop denying your marching band the exposure and uniform look it deserves.. and that it also needs. We are happy to help you and hope to hear from you soon! Reach out to us at [email protected] or 888-351-0075 to build your quote today to present for funding at your next board meeting!