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GIFTS for Drummers – Personalized Drumheads

- November 26, 2019

Gifts for Drummers

We have the coolest gifts for drummers.
drummer gifts

gifts for drummers
Build a personalized Shield Drumhead or Shield Logo
Each crest has been designed and modeled after the great drummers of the 20th Century.


Shield Logos
Logos are easy to apply, just like a sticker. Once adhered they appear to look painted on the drumhead. No backgrounds or clear materials are used. All logos come in 29″ lengths to fit most bass drumheads. Longer lengths are available, just ask. Each logo is made out of 2mil premium grade 3M brand vinyl and will adhere to uneven surfaces and areas. Black or White color logos will adhere to coated, simulated calfskin and smooth drumheads. Brushed metallic colors are made of metal and will only apply to smooth drumheads. Logos come with easy to read Instructions and photographic visuals. They apply in about 10 minutes.

Gifts for drummers
Shield Drumheads
We can also build you a complete drumhead to your specs. Choose your shield logo choices, drumhead and mic hole options. We can also add your favorite drum company logo for an additional cost. Shield drumheads are made the old school way; Using 2mil premium grade 3M brand vinyl, the logos are adhered to the head surface. They look painted on the drumhead and give you a total vintage appearance. The material does not change the tone of the drumhead.


Choose from our selection of crests, sizes, colors and vintage lettering styles. Each logo is then design by hand. We then tweak and make fine adjustments to the lettering, making each one totally custom.

Shield Style Drumheads are made with quality Aquarian and Remo drumheads. They are available in coated, smooth, clear, simulated calf skin and vintage style finishes.

We offer 4 different mic hole and port protection products for your bass drum. We suggest installing a mic hole if you play live or any place where a sound person would need to mic your drum. Shield Logos and Drumheads normally take 3 to 5 business days to produce. We professionally pack all of our drumheads and products to ensure protection while in transit. Our custom drumheads make great gifts for drummers. Order your new drumhead today.


gifts for drummers

drummer gifts