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Building Your Marching Band’s Image with Custom Drum Heads

- June 27, 2018

Every marching band director knows the importance of marching band image. It needs to be a strong and compelling image. When the band looks good performing on the field, they leave a far more memorable impression on the crowd.

The look of the band makes a difference to those watching. And it also makes a difference to the band themselves! It “feels good to look good” as the saying goes. And in the same way, a strong image boosts the confidence of the band and helps build a spirit of comradery.

One particular strategy that many marching bands use is to implement matching custom bass drum heads. This custom look immediately gives them an edge. It sets them apart from any other band out there. And it brings a new continuity and uniformity to the band’s image.

In the past, these custom designs were painted directly onto the calfskin drumheads of the day. However, as plastic heads started replacing calfskin drumheads, the use of custom drum heads fell by the wayside as the paint no longer adhered well. However, with recent technological developments, it is now once again possible to add custom designs to the drum heads.

Vintage Logos’ MarchingHeads

If you are looking to add this unique element to your marching band’s image, Vintage Logos offers you the perfect solution: the MarchingHeads custom marching bass drum heads! We are the industry leader for custom drum heads and offer only the highest quality products.

Our MarchingHeads are created specifically with the needs of marching bands in mind. The designs are weatherproof and won’t fade due to a strong UV protectant. In addition, the design will not scratch and flake off and looks good in photographs due to its low glare finish. These custom drum heads are made using your choice of Aquarian or Evans drum heads. They are available in sizes ranging from 14 inches to 32 inches.

When it comes to the artwork of the designs, you can provide us with your own pre-made image, or you can utilize our free resources including thousands of stock images and clipart. Alternately, you can hire our in-house design department to help you create your custom design! This is a great choice if you’d like the help of a professional team in creating a design that will look truly stunning.

We offer a quick turnaround time for our MarchingHeads, completing an order in 14 days or less. However, if you need yours extra quick, don’t worry – we offer rush services too!

Remember, not only are the MarchingHeads a great choice for school marching bands, but they also can be used by military bands and pipe & drum bands too! If you’re ready to take your band’s image to the next level, visit the Vintage Logos webstore now and order your own set of MarchingHeads!