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Advertising Space on Stage with Speakers

- June 12, 2019

Custom Speaker Cloth

Promoting your band is crucial when your at gigs. The only way to get your name out- is to get your name literally out. Too often we see bands missing out on the advertising space that their equipment, like speakers, offers them. You know about our custom drumheads, but what you probably don’t know about is our speaker grill cloths.

When you see a band on stage you can notice 2 things usually… a drumhead and speakers! Now its known to put your bands logo or a custom design on a drumhead. It gives the drummer a sense of expression and it gives the audience something interesting to look at. Now- speakers are large, clunky, and kind of ugly. At vintage logos we wanted to fix that problem for bands across the globe.

That’s why we developed speaker grill cloths- we want to connect you more with your audience and by taking advantage of all the real estate on stage you can! These high-resolution mesh cloths are perfect for photographing during live performances and there is NO loss of volume or change in tone.

Why waste your time and money- start taking advantage today and order your grill cloths! Measure inside the bezel of the cab and we can fit it to size. We also include all the hardware needed to attach the speaker grill cloth. Most importantly they are so easy to take from venue to venue. You don’t have to worry about them taking up too much space.

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