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Create custom Guitar Amp and Speaker cabinet graphics online with our easy to use Graphic Grille Builder. Our program allows you to design grilles direct from your web browser and see your proof in realtime. The following artwork files should only be uploaded into the Builder. These files allow for quicker uploads and faster building speeds


File Types:
• .png .jpg .pdf files will load quickly into the builder.
• tif. eps .ai .svg files can be used but may experience longer upload times.
• If you are experiencing upload timeout errors, try resaving as .png .jpg .pdf and reload.

Transparent Images:
• The builder will support transparent images saved as .png .eps .pdf.
• By making the background of your logo transparent, you can then place it on top of any background image or color.
• The base color of all of our products is white; we cannot print on clear drumheads at this time.

• Convert all fonts to curves or paths, to eliminate the need to send fonts

Color Mode:
• RGB Color Mode files are preferred. Colors come out more vivid when using this setting with our specific printing processes. Some very bright colors and fluorescents are impossible to achieve.

Image Size and Resolution:
• Create and save files to 150 ppi when scaled to 100% at actual print size; the larger the better. Files as small as 75 ppi will look good printed.
• RGB Color Mode files are prefered. We do support CMYK based images.
• Your design will look great as long as the resolution meets or exceeds our recommendations.

Copyright & Trademarks:
• By transmiting any materials to us, you agree to our Policies


List of websites where you can download cool looking photos logos and images More Info


Raster Programs:
GIMP - Free
Adobe PhotoShop - 30 day free trial

Pixlr - Online photo editor
Janvas - Online photo editor

Vector Programs:
Inkscape - Free
Adobe Illustrator - 30 day free trial

Janvas - Online vector editor

There are many other programs available but these are some of the best.

Custom Grille Graphics

Need Design Help? Our Graphics Department can help you design the perfect custom Grille. More Info

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