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MarchingHead Products
- Custom MarchingHeads
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Drumhead Brands Available
- Aquarian
- Evans

MarchingHead Features

Design Templates

Preparing Digital Files
- Simple Instructions
- Advanced Instructions
- Design Templates

Other Brand Drumheads

Clear Drumheads

Design Services
- Scanning and Logo Redraw Services
- Custom Design Services


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MarchingHead Products
Marchingheads™ are an affordable way to promote and advertise your band. We guarantee more people will notice your band with MarchingHeads. You can play on these durable drumheads because they are specifically designed for marching band use. Images are printed in full color with a photo-realistic quality. We can print photos, logos, mascots, scans, graphics; almost anything you can imagine onto a drumhead! This allows you to have cool graphics and fun exciting colorful backgrounds. We then bond the graphic edge-to-edge to the entire front surface; creating a 2 ply drumhead. MarchingHeads are weather proof and the 2-ply product is protected from fading from sunlight with a strong UV surface film. A special clear center dot provides more energy focus & greater durability.
- Custom MarchingHeads - Design By Our Graphics Dept
Design Services are available through our Graphics Department to help you create a professional set of Custom MarchingHeads. We can add your band's name, mascot, logos and graphics to each head. Before we make your MarchingHeads, we provide you a proof by e-mail for your final approval. Check out these photo examples.
- Custom MarchingHeads - Design the look yourself
Your audience will remember the Marching Band with the professional looking Custom MarchingHeads.Use your mascot, photos and graphics to create a total custom look. To produce your Custom MarchingHeads, submit to us a Ready-To-Print digital file. After you have placed your order, Upload Your Digital Files directly to our FTP server. Before we make your MarchingHeads, we provide you a proof by e-mail for your final approval. Check out these photo examples.

Pricing & Payment Options
All of our pricing and payment options are listed here: Order
Feel free to contact us by phone or email for more information and for accurate written quotes.

Drumhead Brands Available
• MarchingHeads can be made with Aquarian or Evans brand bass drumheads.

- AQUARIAN Drumheads
AQUARIAN bass drumheads are available in 16" 18" 20" 22" 24" 26" 28" & 30" sizes.

- EVANS Drumheads
Evans MS1 bass drumheads are available in 16" 18" 20" 22" 24" 26" 28" 30" & 32" sizes.

MarchingHead™ Features

• Designed specifically for marching band use for greater durability.
• Acoustically responsive head with a warm controlled sound.
• MarchingHead images will not chip, scratch or flake off.
• Our special low-glair Luster finish is perfect for photographing and live performances.

Preparing Digital Files

• By following our instructions, you will be able to create a quality MarchingHeads.

- Simple Instructions (Preparing Digital Files)
• Read our Simple Instructions to prepare your digital file.
• Digital Files saved at 150ppi (at 100% actual size) will produce a professional quality Photo-realistic VividHead. We can accept files a large as 250ppi - Museum quality digital files.

- Advanced Instructions (Preparing Digital Files)
• Our Advanced Instructions page will help you create a professional digital file, suitable for producing a quality VividHead Drumhead. TIPS, TRICKS, RESOURCE AND MORE...CHECK IT OUT!

Design Templates

- Design using one of our Templates. It's easy. Download and reopen in your favorite design program:

Use this template if you design with Raster Programs: PhotoShop, PhotoDeluxe, Corel Photo, Corel Photo-Paint, Paint Shop Pro, Painter.
Download 427kb
  Use this template if you design with Vector Programs: Illustrator, FreeHand, Corel Draw.
Download 210kb

Send Us Your Digital File
After you have placed your order, Upload Your Digital Files directly to our FTP server.

Other Brand Drumheads
• We can ONLY use Aquarian or Evans drumheads. Other brand heads do not fit into the machine templates and will damage our equipment. We cannot use any drumhead with a built in muffling device. The muffling devices will also damage our equipment and the drumhead. Keep in mind that our process produces a great sounding drumhead that needs no additional muffling.

Clear Drumheads
We can use clear drumheads to make MarchingHeads but your image will NOT be transparent (see through)

Design Services

Our in-house design staff can work with your to develop that perfect style and image for your marching band.

- Scanning and Logo Redraw Services
We can scan your original flat art; photos, CD Covers, drawings, logos, etc. Contact us for more info

- Working with a Designer
For the unique marching band interested in working with a designer to create a total customized look for your entire drumline. More Info


•Before you upload, post, email or otherwise transmit any Content that may infringe upon any copyright, trademark, trade secret, patent or other intellectual or proprietary right of any party; make sure you have the legal right to use the content you are sending us; by transmitting you agree to our Policies

- Stock Photos
If you purchase images from a stock photo company, make sure you have purchased the correct usage license. These companies are getting strict on copyright enforcement. Keep in mind that your are advertising your band and that many of these sites DO NOT allow you to use Trade Names, Trademarks, Logos or Service marks on top of their images (a service mark could be your band's name). Also many of them DO NOT allow you to use the images with "Print-on-Demand products" - the products we make are print on demand. Royalty free images are NOT free to use anyway you wish. This term is confusing so you must read all of the fine print.

- Get Educated
Read up on Copyright and Trademark law before you start designing your artwork or using images and photo with your works.

- DO NOT copy images or photos from websites
For example, do not take images from Google.com , Yahoo.com or Bing.com . Most of these images are Copyrighted and the quality is normally too small for making large size drumheads or banners.

Turn Around Time (For This Product)
• MarchingHeads normally take 10 to 14 working days before your order will be ready to ship.
• Rush services are available - Orders CANNOT be shipped same day. Contact us for more info
Shipping Info (For This Product)
• Most USA orders are shipped FedEx Ground. More Info
• We can ship all over the world. More Info
• Express Mail and FedEx Express services are available (Orders CANNOT be shipped same day). More Info
• MarchingHeads are shipped in a shipping box. More Info

• We warranty all of our products. More Info

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