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Mic Hole Port Options
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Name Brand Drumheads
We sell all major drumhead brands Aquarian, Remo, Evans and Attack but our online Builder App only allows you to order drumheads using Aquarian heads. We can use other brand drumheads. Contact Us

Aquarian Drumheads
Aquarian drumheads are available in 16" to 28" sizes including tom-tom reso heads for converted floor toms and bass drums. These White Coated and Smooth Black heads have been specially made for us with a tiny "Aquarian Drumheads" logo at the bottom making the drumhead look almost blank, perfect for that vintage look. We can also custom order Clear, Regulator, Modern and American Vintage heads. Contact us

Safe-T-Lock Hoop™ Due to constant vibration, conventional drumheads all have some degree off slippage inside the hoop which results in de-tuning and lack of resonance and response. Holds the drumhead securely all the way around; 360 degrees just like the original calfskin drumheads

• Sound Curve™ The bearing edge finds its own spot in the curve. No wrinkles, even with loose tuning. Eliminates 80 to 90 percent of all tuning problems.

•Triple Locking System™ provides drummers with previously unheard of advantages in resonance and playability.

•Satin Finish (Coating) does not chip off. It outlasts all others. Thinnest and longest lasting coatings ever developed. Extremely sensitive and responds to the slightest touch with sticks or brushes
making it ideal for many styles of music.

Application Services

We provide Application Services and can apply vinyl-transfer logo products to coated, smooth bass, clear and simulated calfskin drumheads.

Printed Drumheads
You can build full color printed drumheads with Aquarian, Remo, Evans and attack drumheads. Check out our VividHeads or MarchingHeads - made for marching bands.

Mic Hole Port Options

We suggest a mic hole if you play live or where a sound tech would need to mic your drum. The 4 inch size hole is the most requested.

Simple Port Hole - Hole with no protectionSimple Port Hole

  Any size port hole can be installed. We suggest 4", 5" or 6" sizes. Holes smaller than 3.5" should only be used as an air release port. Try and keep holes 1.5 to 3 inches away from the hoop edge. More Info

Port Ring - Stylish hole protection ringPort Ring

  Port Rings add a finished look to your drumhead. The two part system is made of hard plastic which snaps together and protect the hole from both sides. Available in a variety of sizes and colors. More Info

Hole Reinforcer - Hole with backer ringHole Reinforcer

  Hole Reinforcers are a thin plastic ring which installs on the backside of your drumhead. They are light weight, durable and protects the hole from ripping. Available in a variety of sizes. More Info

KickPort - Drum acoustic maximizerKickPort

  Add a KickPort for more low-end sound & punch. It increases attack & definition with improved feel and more power. Made of a hard plastic which protects the hole from damage and ripping. Available in a variety of colors. More Info


Mic Hole Placement Options
You get to choose where the hole is installed in your drumhead. Try and keep holes 1.5" to 3" away from the hoop edge. Standard Placement is 4 o'clock.

Single Mic Hole Placements
Single Options

Multiple Mic Hole Placements


Delivery To Your Door
Delivery is based on Production Time plus the Shipping Service chosen.

Production Time - Bass Drumheads
• Bass Drumheads takes 1 to 3 business days to produce (M-F)
• When using our Design Services add 3 to 5 days
• Rush services are available, Contact Us

Shipping Services
• See map below for estimated shipping days (FedEx)
• FedEx Ground, FedEx Home Delivery, FedEx Express
• USPS Priority, USPS Express
• Professionally packed to ensure protection while in transit

• Shipping times will vary from country to country
• For faster service choose USPS Express or FedEx

FedEx Delivery Map


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