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Materials Available
- Sollid Vinyl
- Mesh Vinyl
- Poly Fabric
- Blockout Vinyl

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Production Specifications
Banners are printed in full color with a photo-realistic quality. We can print photos, logos, graphics; almost anything you can imagine. Images are printed onto a variety of materials including Solid Vinyl, Mesh Vinyl and Poly Fabric. They are quality constructed and built to last. Printed with UV inks which provide vivid outdoor long lasting color. We complete your project with hemmed edges, grommets, pole pockets, ropes and more. All materials are flame retardant and meet fire resistance standards.

• Printed with a photo-realistic quality
• Outdoor quality materials are made to weather
• Perfect for photographing and live performances

Produced With Your Artwork
We provide you with the tools to design your own custom Banners, Stage Scrims and Backdrops. Our Banner Builder software is easy to use and runs direct from your web browser. Start by choosing a Banner product. Use your photos, logos and graphics. Type text, select backgrounds and more. Save your designs to our server and reorder at anytime. Our online Banner Builder ROCKS and so will you!

Preparing Artwork For Print

Preparing Artwork For Print
Check out our Design Guide for specific instructions on how to create and save your digital files. This info will help you create great looking custom artwork. TIPS, TRICKS, RESOURCES AND MORE…

Stock Photos

Stock Photos, Images & Clip Art
We offer thousands of free images and clipart that can be incorporated into your designs. You also have access to over 63 Million high resolution stock images for an additional cost.

Banner Products
We offer Banners, Backdrops, Stage Scrims and Retractable banners. They will get your band more attention. Many times they are associated with larger venues but the fact of the matter, banners should be used for all musicial productions. They get you noticed!


Banners - Portable and Easily Displayed

Banners are an easy and affordable way to advertise your music group. They are a great way to get your band and your message noticed. Our banners are printed with vivid colors and have a durable construction. They can be made with a variety of different media materials. We suggest our Solid Vinyl or Mesh Vinyl. We offer many Finishing options making it easy to hang and display your banners.
More Info

• Perfect for small and medium size clubs
• Compact and portable
• Quick setup and fast tear-down

Click to see larger
Backdrop photo

Backdrops - Large Dynamic Billboards

For maximum exposure advertise your band with large Backdrops. Having large graphics on stage is impressive. The size of your backdrop depends on the venues you play. Using our welding technology we can custom make backdrops any size you need and they can be printed onto many different materials. We suggest Mesh Vinyl or Poly Fabric, this way your sound can travel through uninhibited and making it light weight.
More Info

• The Finishing Touch to your stage presence
• Great for Concerts, Festivals and Touring Bands
• Used by Professional bands and music groups

Stage Scrims
Can be ordered with or
without a stand

Stage Scrims - Freestanding Wall Displays

Put walls of cool looking graphics on stage with Stage Scrims. Printed in full color and mounted into lightweight portable stands. Great for hiding music gear from the audience view. They can be printed onto many different materials. We suggest Mesh Vinyl or Poly Fabric, this way your sound can travel through uninhibited. They can be ordered with a Telescoping Frame Stand or without a stand.
More Info

• Great for all music venues
• Quick setup and fast tear-down
• Portable and lightweight

Retractable Banners
Can be ordered with or
without a stand

Retractable Banners - Easy Pull Up Setup

Have an impressive advertising tool in seconds. Simply pull the high-quality printed banner upwards from the base and attach it to the vertical support bar to display. Place these anywhere you have empty space. We normally print these on Blockout Vinyl. We can also print them with Backed Poly Fabric. Available with a Base Stand or can be ordered as a replacement banner without a stand. Available in 3 different widths.

More Info

• Fast setup and quick tear-down
• Compact and portable
• Banner is stored inside the base


Size Examples
We can make any size Banner or Backdrop you need. Check out these size examples.

Banner Sizes Banner Sizes

stage_scrim_sizesStage Scrim Sizes

  backdrop_sizesBackdrop Sizes

retractable_banner_sizes Retractable Banner Sizes

Materials Available

We use high quality flame retardent materials made for touring and gigging bands. Looking for a specific material? Contact Us

Solid Vinyl Solid Vinyl - 13oz
This strong PVC banner material is great for indoor and outdoor banners. Designed for high quality vivid color printing. Fade and tear resistant with a long-term durability at an affordable price.

• Popular Choice For Banners
• Store Rolled Or It Will Crease
• Affordable With Great Colro

Mesh Vinyl Mesh Vinyl - 9oz
This mesh has thousands of small holes that allows sound and wind to travel through with a moderately transparent look. The 70/30 weave is ideal for viewing at a further distance with superior image quality. It is very rugged and can be used in all kinds of weather. A majority of the large graphics we produce are made with Mesh.
  • Allows Sound To Pass Through
• Moderately Transparent Look
• Can Be Loosely Folded

Poly Fabric Poly Fabric
This light weight fabric allows sound to travel through easily while looking great. The color really POPS because the inks are not printed but embedded into the fabric with our Dye-Sublimation process. Machine washable and iron safe. This material can be used outdoors but with the weather and direct sunlight, you may need to replace it every 6 months.
  • Allows Sound To Pass Through
• Moderately Opaque Look - Color Pops
• Can Be Folded To A Compact Size

Blockout Vinyl Blockkout Vinyl
This material is smooth on both sides with a blackout layer in the middle. It is made so light cannot pentrate through and has a soft, fabric-like quality. Can be used both indoors and outdoors. Designed for high quality vivid color printing.
  • Great For Retractable Banners
• Durable & Scratch Resistant
• Affordable With Great Color

Finishing & Display Options
Hemmed with grommets included for easy installation. We use high quality materials made for touring. Looking for a specific finishing option? Contact Us
A hem and grommet finish is great when your banner is secured with rope or other tie-downs through the gromments. All banners come with this FREE option unless specified.   Hems and ropes has a 3/16" Diamond braid polypropylene rope sewn into the top and bottom hems. 5' of rope extends from each end of the banner.

Pole Pocket banners are suitable for mounting your banner with a pole secured at one or both ends. We offer 3 sizes.

• 3" size for 1.25" pole
• 4" size for 1.75" pole
• 5.5" size for 2.75" pole
• 7" size for 3.75" pole

  finishing_options More Options

Design Services

Our in-house design staff can work with you to develop that perfect band logo or custom graphic image. More Info

Before you upload, post, email or otherwise transmit any Content that may infringe upon any copyright, trademark, trade secret, patent or other intellectual or proprietary right of any party; make sure you have the legal right to use the content you are sending us; by transmitting you agree to our Policies

Stock Photos
If you purchase images from a stock photo company, make sure you have purchased the correct usage license. These companies are getting strict on copyright enforcement. Royalty free images are NOT free to use anyway you wish. This term is confusing so you must read all of the fine print.

Get Educated
Read up on Copyright and Trademark law before you start designing your artwork or using images and photo with your works.

DO NOT copy images or photos from websites
For example, do not take images from Google.com , Yahoo.com or Bing.com . Most of these images are Copyrighted and the quality is normally too small for making large size drumheads or banners

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Delivery To Your Door
Delivery is based on Production days plus Shipping days. Your final estimated delivery depends on all products ordered.

Production Time - Banners
• Banners take 2 to 4 business days to produce (M-F)
• Retractable Banners take 2 to 4 business days to produce (M-F)
• Stage Scrims take 2 to 4 business days to produce (M-F)
• Backdrops take 3 to 5 business days to produce (M-F)
• When using our Design Services add an additional 3 to 5 days
• Rush services are available, Contact Us

Shipping Services
• See map below for estimated shipping days (FedEx)
• FedEx Ground, FedEx Home Delivery, FedEx Express
• USPS Priority, USPS Express
• Products are professionally packed to ensure protection while in transit

• Shipping times will vary from country to country
• For faster service choose USPS Express or FedEx

FedEx Delivery Map


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